The Cubex Studio was founded in Belgrade in 2005 and it was incorporated by Ksenija Bulatović, Graduate EA. The name Cubex was derived from the structure of cubic shapes which constitute our urban system.
Enclosed units in whatever terms create an unavoidable structure out of which, it seems, there is no way out.

The objective of the present group of Architects is to find out a way that will make man’s sole free and better and of better quality in realistic circumstances.




Moreover, the analysis of structure created in space and the time period of its existence should be kept in mind, besides the behaviour of designed buildings in the spatial, social and natural environmental structures, and particularly how such behaviour affects the soul of a man who is staying in a building environment and uses it.

The cooperation for the Cubex Studio operations is diverse since numerous architects, as well as colleagues in other fields of expertise have influenced the development and quality of accomplished solutions. We are going to list only a few of their names, such as Ksenija Bulatović, Gordana Ristić, Saša Naumović, Jelena Čubra, Aleksandra Tadić, Vesna Cagić-Milošević, Bane Jakovljević, Branko Lompar, Ana Kovencz-Vujić, Daniela Perović, Tijana Bogdanović, Sladjana Meseldžija, Bane Jovanović, Ivan Stefanović, Goran Andrejin, Miloš Živković, Andreja Mitrović, Maja Milenković, Vladimir Ribar, Nikola Djurović and many others.

The scope of the Cubex Studio’s operations covers all the way from a starting initial concept to a preliminary design and final design wherefrom a development implementation will result, as the latest instance of our engagement.